Natsume and Mikan Moments

Dedicated to NatsumeXMikan Fans~! This post contains NatsuMika moments but on the farthest chapters only, i haven't included the earlier chapters since it was already mentioned in the anime ^_^. Don't forget to click the image for a big size preview. Oh and i skipped a few pages because i'm tired uploading them..so enjoy the summaries~ Bye~

1.) Christmas Ball

After Ruka had kissed Mikan's cheeks. The Night dance was about to start. Ruka was supposed to be partnered with Mikan. He thought it was foolish of him to be with Mikan by himself, so he let Ruka danced with Mikan this time. (If you have read the earlier chapters, Mikan danced with Ruka at "The last dance" but this time, the "Christmas Ball" goes to Natsume.)

A little fight occured between the two but Natsume only did it because he wanted Mikan to smile <way to got Natsume-kun>. Suddenly two random couples hit Mikan at the back and thus the kissing accident happened. The funny thing that happened was..it wasn't really a kiss but mikan hit her tooth on Natsume's lips <kyahahaha!> In the meantime, the boys congratulated Natsume for being an adult, but Natsume was not satisfied and was angry that his lips was wounded and called Mikan errr....Ugly..and so the crowd stood there in silence but then Natsume walked out and the boys still was cheering for him. Mikan however grabbed Natsume's arm and asked him to tell the people that it wasn't a kiss, but <all Gakuen Alice fans already know that Natsume is a bad boy :p > so he ignored Mikan all the way.

2.)The night after the dance....

After the accident, Mikan burst out in tears <like she usually does> and hugged Tsubasa-sempai <how lucky~!> saying that she wasn't qualified to be a good wife <In Japan if u are young and if you have done something to a boy or that boy has done something to you then that boy has to be responsible for what he did, which means if they grow up - there's a possibility that Natsume will be Mikan's husband>. So Tsubasa encouraged Mikan to enjoy the night, since Natsume already left. Meanwhile, it was too obvious that Ruka was jealous so yet he tried to go near to Mikan to encourage herMikan put on her mask and roam around the ball, little did she know that another prince charming has visited her. She did not know who's that boy with a mask but she did suspected that the she has heard that voice from somewhere. The boy asked Mikan to dance with him, and so Mikan agreed. The masked boy unmasked Mikan and saw her face. "So you are the Nullification alice"  Mikan was shocked to hear this and the masked boy unmasked his mask revealing his face in front of Mikan. It was the principal's son. <darn..how could another 10 year old look so cool> and waved good-bye to Mikan. Mikan just stood there <stoned>. Her thoughts were roaming around on what happened and climbed the Sakura tree nearby. She looked up and saw Natsume was also on the tree and shouted: "NAAAAAAAATTTSSSUUUUUUMMEEEEEEEEEEE~" and cried of course. Natsume was annoyed and replied "Stop crying ugly" and handed Mikan tissue. Mikan still pleaded to persuade the people that they were not kissing. But he immediately shifted into another topic and asked " Did something happened between you and Ruka?" Mikan just turned stiff like a robot "Oh..ahahaha..it's...nanana...nothing..ahaha..aha...ha....." After sitting beside Natsume. He immediately asked a direct question to Mikan
"Do you know what it feels to kiss a person"
and in an instant, Natsume grabbed Mikan's collar and kissed. IT lasted for like 10 seconds. Mikan pulled out and almost ran out of breath. Natsume further told her "It was a revenge for this mark you made" He bounce back at the ground while Mikan was blushing and turned his back to see a one last glance "Merry White X Mas"

PREVIEW FOR PART 2 <#$#%$#^)%$^)%$>
I'll post it next itme so good bye for now~!


Announcements, rants and some news

Anyone of you here interested in making a collaborative icon community over here?
I haven't picked a good name for it but i'm wondering if anyone here is interested in joining.
  • Icons, banners, layouts, scans, downloads, tutorials, resources, graphics are allowed
  • it's an ani-manga-jap community so this means that we only allow anime, manga and japanese artists

  • Changed into a temporary layout. My photobucket account almost ran out of space >_<
  • Also, many noticed that the content area was too small. I know, and i should change the layout soon
School Sucks. Period.
First periodical exams are finally over!! Baahhh....still no excuse for me to have fun. My favorite subject became the most hardest teat in the whole history of my life >_<.


and our class adviser was like "O_o Orly?!"

After the test, me and Candice went outside to met up with our friends. We can overheard discussions like about the matter. It got even worse, cuz all of the sections felt the same even the boys section kept on bickering.

another event happened when all of a sudden a down pour of rain just covered all our feelings...it felt great but all of a sudden..we totally forgot that  rain water is DIRT..thats why we felt sticky all over..guhh...i love the rain. XD....

And the very...very...long awaited post

*sigh* I never thought it's been almost like 3 months since i've last updated my lj =p...been busy with school work lately..and now that the first periodical exams [insert @!#$!#$@#$] is going to be held next week. I've been studying like crazy. But that doesn't stop me from reading your entries on mobile. Kyaaa! I've been tagged by kokoro-chan...gonna add that meme later...

Ok so here are embarrassing stories of my first day in hell school

Our school's girl sections is divided into 4 (names of saints were used)
St. Augustine - The smart asses (kokoro chan belongs here)
Our Lady of Consolations - The wannabe augustines (2nd placers and i'm a part of it)
Our Lady of Candelaria -Average people (still striving to be augustines)
St. Rita - Loudest of e'm all (ermm..lets just say normal brains)

My name is not there wtf?!
So i was pretty confident from the start, i thought it would be a normal day for me. HELL NO! After checking the students list (what section, who is the adviser, where is your classroom list thingy) My name was not listed. OMG!! Even my friends were pretty shocked...]

Open ceremonies were held in the coliseum and you have to sit on the proper section your in. [Arrghhh...i dunno where to sit]..so my friends told me to got to the RITA section with them. But after the ceremony, we were placed on our proper classroom sections (which was a major problem for me).

I ended up inside 3-St. Rita's Classroom together with my best friends

Our first teacher came in and we introduced ourselves..*groan* i was thinking if i should introduce myself or not..Guhh...but i did it anyway..I asked the teacher if we can go out to contact my dad about the problem..gladly he said yes..So we dialed like a hundred times but the signal was still unreachable. Finally after the 2nd teacher came out...my admission slip (which is used so that you will know what section your in and to confirm whether you have enrolled) was handed out to me, but guess what it says:


I hurriedly got my bag, bid bye-bye to my friends, and walked out as fast as i could...and there were lots of friends (now in different sections) that saw me from the hall (there are no doors in our classrooms and we are in the 4th floor of the building..all girls that is). I peaked in the Consolation classroom but damn it was too quiet to be true..unlike when i was at ST. Rita section...

My friends at Consolation were also shocked in my sudden appearance and had a face mark saying "Nganu late man ka?" (Why are you late?) Ack! They even told me "Sulod na dayun, kay nag start na ug write si Sir!" (Get inside because Sir has already started writing) "Ok,ok,ok clam down" -_-;

LOL, i ended up seating in the front row. Still the atmosphere was pretty quiet...i can only hear the birds chirping and Sir's chalk tapping in the board even the clocks tic-tac was louder than that...it was an embarassing day..the answer to my problem after was that my father forgot to re-submit my enrollment form *phoey*

And another thing..when the third teacher saw me went out..she thought i was cutting classes. -_-

Founded a secret though
There is a minimum of 2 of your friends being separated on another section.
Like us...

My best friends are


But only 'I' was transfered to consolation. Same as my other friend Candice...

Her best friends are

But only she was transferred to Consolation..Coincidence? I think not! Because all of our group friends were separated this year =(

Addded new friends from LJ! And i'm gonna add the blog crew later if i have time..So sorry if i haven't commented on journal entried..I will find time soon...i hoop ^_^;
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Back from the dead....

Haha...when was the last time i updated my journal anyway 8D . I've been awfully busy with my scanlation team, editing pages sure was tough. Check it out~


Were currently searching for translators and manga providers, join us 8D

Darn, the first day of school has yet to come T_T i might not be updating like crazy + i have some issues with the team. I'll post some pics on my used-to-be-clean room. Notebooks have  been covered and labeled, school shoes are new...what else i'm i missing here...uniform!!?!?!?!?!!? 

To kokoro chan, are you still a student at san jose?
To haruka_maple, when will you be back rabi?!?!

ack, i'm dizzy. See you all on my next post, in the meantime i'm gonna be a friends-only journal once again ^_^.


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Busy Days...taglish post + PIMPING~!

Now, i feel nervous. Elections for candidates for being senators and mayors are still ongoing in the Philippines. Just looking on the screen makes me feel nauseated :x. I hope the opposition loses!

Watak-watak ang oposisyon
Huwag iboto, masama sa progreso
Huwag ibalik barkada ni Erap
Hindi totoong sila’y para sa mahirap

Gago, gago ang oposisyon
Gusto lang nilang sumampa sa posisyon
Gago, gago ang oposisyon
Ang lider ay nagnakaw kaya nakakulong
Hindi man lang nag-sorry

Totoo naman ito diba? Si Erap ang lider ng opposition..and what else? He steals money! He didn't even apologized for that! Gloria on the other hand appologizes to the whole crowd, that's already embarassing for a president you know, and it shows that she really is capable in handling our country. Why bother voting for the opposition, vote for people whom you think can do better for our country...vote wisely



I made a scanlation group lately *and teh reason why i'm pretty busy*. We really need your help > __<
We need editors who knows how to edit manga and translators who knows either of the three langauages:Japanese, Korean,Chinese..If you can offer help, that would be splendid ^_^


Fave programs//software Part 1

In case your wondering what are the things i do when i'm offline/online. These are compilation of the best software/programs that you must have missed, click on the cuts on each divisions, and click on the title to go to the specific website where you can d-load the program. Most of them are free :)

There are lots of broowsers in the net but i use 4 different kinds of browsers
1.) Firefox

Good sides
-best browser iv'e used so far...It's even 90% faster than IE/other browsers.
-plug-ins *lot's of em' (must install plug-in's are listed below never mind, i shall post it on part 2)
-themes (i love costumizing the style of my browser)
-flexible (it even has an admin panel that you can tingle with so that you can manage how fast you want your internet connection will be)
-tabbed browsing (unlimited tabs)
-history (in case you accidentaly closed a tab/window, you can click history to go back and it opens on a new tab)
-download manager (speeds up your download by 80% compared to IE
/other browsers)
-secure and safe
-supports a wide array of css and javascript (has more compability than IE/
other browsers)
-supports rss feeds
-100% free

Main uses:
-browser compability issue
-css experimanting
-default browser

Collapse )

1.)FeedReader 3.09

-Ever wonder why i can read your entries very easy nowadays ;)
-if your confused with rss. they look like these
-more info about rss can be found here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(file_format)
-different kinds of rss icons can be found here - http://www.feedicons.com/

Good sides

-easy reading of rss feeds from journals/sites that is interegated with rss
-you can choose whether to open the feed on a new browser or the program itself
-you can choose your own layout *three-column, 2 column etc.)
-notifies you when the page is updated without even have to go to that site everyday
-has star feeds which means highlight a blog entry/website entry
-100% free

Bad sides:
-cannot batch rss only one at a time,*copy-paste enter* *copy-paste enter* something like that.

.)Yahoo Widgets

-my current desktop *omg yay*
-*clears throat* notive the nifty sidebar and the digital clocks and event planner, now that's yahoo widget!

Good sides

-makes your desktop so cool
-has different widegets which you can play in case you are bored
-has lot's of widgets with it's built-in widget search, you don't even have to go to your browser to download new ones, just install and play.
-really fun! and kewl! *period*
-the interface is so nice, you can even change the opacity and placement

Bad sides:
-can take up disk space *i recommend not using this when you use programs which takes up too much space like photoshop unless you got a large sum of diskspace right there
-some plug-ins requires you to install some other widgets but not really necesarry

Collapse )

Desktop Publishing

1.)Photoshop CS2

-best photo imaging software
-oh yeah that's my D.A account if your wondering of the wierd title *rukiaxichigo*

Good sides
-must need for icon makers/graphic designers
-has some vista modules
-has tons of filters.special effects
-nuff said *it's 100% useful* ^_^

Bad sides
-expensive! they even released CS3 in such a short time which sucked since there are tons of adobe product release and came up on their own names and types. ex.:delux.basic,web,ultimate, and crap
-memory monster! it eats lot's of diskspace! unless of course if you know how to handle different kinds of file types
-can crack/freeze your computer
-maybe hard to learn if your still new

Collapse )

Manga / Image Viewers
1.)Fast Stone Image Viewer

-best image viewer evar~!

Good sides
-You can read manga easily
-can edit/resize pictures ^_^
-just double click on an image and press the mouse to zoom in orpress the forward keyboard to see it's original sides and read/look at the picture carefully
-has a scan board 0f you want to scan pictures without opening an editing program
-lot's of good features yet i'm too lazy to post.
-lightweight program ^_^
-100% free

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next post *part 2 of fave programs recommendations*

Watchlist for the season~!

New Arrivals
1.)Lovely Complex

Genre:Romance, Comedy, Shoujo, School Life
5 stars
They said opposites attract... Orly? How about if your a gigantic tall wowan who has a height of 170 cm.? Would you love a guy who is shorter by 140 cm.? Meet Risa, she's so tall that she doesn't even have a boyfriend. But who said she was alone? Otani, Risa's rival and total oposite?! If Risa is tallest girl, then you know what it means...Otani is the shortest guy XD . Will they ever confess or will they remain hanshin kyoujin forever. Definitely recommended!

Opening Ceremony:
random girl tried to wake Risa
*wakes up* Ahhhh!!!! My Summoned monster!!!!!!!!!!

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